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The organization Secours d'Enfants (abbr. O.S.E.) is a non-governmental organization in Carrefour, Haiti. It represents the orphanage of Esther Revolte located in Carrefour, Haiti.

The organization was founded by Esther Revolte on 26th April 1997 and registered by the State. The non-profitable engagement is to take children who were abandoned by their parents or who have lost their parents and who come from a very poor family background. The organization gets funds from donations.

The organization is located at: Angle Mahotière 75 et thor 67 # 90, Carrefour / Haiti Telefon/phone: (+509) 217 0028 E-Mail:

The organization Secours d'Enfants (abbr. O.S.E.) is responsible for the content and information of the internet address ""; as at Nov. 11, 2006

For further information on the country of Haiti please contact the "German Development Service" (Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst). Thank you.

Contact and information:

For further information and questions regarding donations or in case you want to offer your help... please contact:

Dorit Haller
Weidegrund 8
30900 Wedemark


(Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst).