Mama Ester Motivation

Mama Esther cares for the abandoned children of Haiti

She helps especially those children who have lost their parents through tragical circumstances as poverty, diseases or act of nature beyond control.

Esther sacrifices her life and her force for those children. She is supported by her parents and her siblings. In her orphanage, Esther makes the children feel loved and gives them security and she does everything to prepare them for an individual personal future.

Mama Esther and her big family are in need of support (especially food, medicine, clothes, beds etc.) as the State of Haiti does not provide any assistance. Mama Esther is driven by her inner conviction, and at the same time she is realistic. She knows about the situation in Haiti and she acts.
Her motivation is as follows: Acting herself, step by step, and thus helping the children.

The homepage entitled Mama Esther introduces into the everyday life in the orphanage of Mama Esther and it shows different projects about the work in order to increase the international help for Esther's orphans. 

Haiti belongs to the poorest countries of the Western Hemisphere.

Those who know Haiti and the Haitian people say: Haiti has a special treasure. When they say so, they mean the children. Haiti has many many children. And most of them live in poverty.

Vorschulkinder von Mama Esther

pice kindergarten

Vorschulkinder von Mama Esther

children of Mama Esther