Mama Ester Orphanage

We want people to become friends of the orphanage and to inspire them to help

Mama Esther lives in Carrefour, which is not very far from the capital Port-au-Prince. She is mother of 26 children between 1 and 15 years old. All of them live together in the orphanage. Also they have school there. Mama Esther calls her lifework: Organisation Secours d'Enfants (O.S.E.), which means Organisation for the protection of children.

The orphanage is an independent private Mission

The orphanage was founded by Esther Revolte in 1997, and she called it: Organisation Secours d'Enfants (O.S.E.). Esther leads the orphanage - without any assistance by the State. Her Mission is financed through donations. Without those, Esther cannot buy any food for the children. Mama Esther says: "People know us here in the quarter.

Either the police finds a child in the street and brings the child to us, or Haitians come with a child. We provide a home for the orphans, we make them become a family member, and we share our life with them and want to love them as Jesus Christ loves them." In the orphanage, the children receive a place to live, and they get food, clothes and in case of sickness a doctor's treatment.

Mama Esther and those who help her give all they have in order to educate the children with love and to make the children feel loved by God, the Father and Creator, and to teach them how to love their immediate neighbor. This love is essential for Esther in order to have a safe and blessed life!

The Orphanage of Mama Esther has open doors

The orphanage is open every day for appr. 70 children from the neighborhood:

children form Mama Esther

Children from the neighborhood during a school matinee

Not only Esther's children, but also the children from the poor and poorest families from the neighborhood get school lessons every morning in the orphanage. The families which normally cannot afford to send their children to school (which is expensive in Haiti) are very thankful, because school in the orphanage is free of charge! There are 5 teachers for 2 preschool and 3 elementary school classes.