Mama Ester Orphanage

Mama Esther's orphanage is the home
of 26 children

The children come from allover Haiti. They do not have a father or a mother or they were abandoned by their parents. The children who have come to the orphanage were in great need and struggled to survive.

They are all orphans or half-orphans. The children are to understand to develop their individual personnality in order to prepare themselves for what will come in life.
School helps them to develop also intellectually and thus gives them the chance to start investigating life.

In the afternoon the children's social behavior is trained through common games and leisure activities in an atmosphere filled with joy. In the evening, all the children gather in a Service in order to thank the LORD JESUS CHRIST and give HIM praise with songs and prayers.

Also the children learn about GOD by reading in His Word and having meditations.

The orphanage is open every day and visitors are welcome! Please take the address from the flag.

Photo gallery - children
                    of orphanage

Photo gallery - children in life

children form Mama Esther

Mama Esther and her children

Children in school matinee

Children in school matinee